Burns AI

Unseen image of Rabbie Burns revealed

IRN-BRU has unveiled a set of photographs created by AI showing different ways Robert Burns might be marking his national day if he were around in 2024.

The birthday of the Scottish poet, who will be 265 this year, is celebrated throughout Scotland to mark his life and work. History traces its origins back to nine of Burns' close friends who decided to get together to mark the fifth anniversary of their friend's death.

Using the latest AI technology, the drinks brand has imagined how Burns might look if he was celebrating in the modern day, showing different styles of Rabbie with clothing and hair a little different than back in the day.

Guests can be seen in two celebration settings, firstly enjoying a modern take on Burns cuisine, including haggis-loaded Mac and cheese, while the poet recites some of his favourite verses and also hitting the dance floor in a living room somewhere in Scotland.

Kenny Nicholson, Head of Brand at IRN-BRU, said: “It has been great fun to release pictures of what our Rabbie Burns would be up to for his birthday in 2024, given he would be 265 this year, he is looking pretty good. Using AI's clever technology, we have visualised how the Scottish legend might eat, dance, and drink if he were here today.

“Our modern-day Burns is showcasing some of the tasty recipes we have put together this year, and you can find these on our socials and your local supermarket to enjoy a twist on some of the classics - all washed down with an ice-cold can of BRU."

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