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Behaving responsibly for over 145 years

We are proud of our brands and business.  We are also proud of the positive contribution we believe we make to society.  It is our belief that how we act reflects who and what we are. 

For over 145 years we’ve been brand owners and builders, offering a diverse and differentiated portfolio of products that people love and our business has grown as a result.

Our overarching business purpose is to create value, with values - for our shareholders, consumers, customers and for society as a whole.  Our values include our commitment to behave responsibly.  Our responsibility agenda has always been woven into the fabric of our business and, in today’s world, as we grow and develop, it’s more important than ever that we play our part in addressing the key issues facing society, such as the need to tackle the impact of climate change.

Our Responsibility Commitments

Behaving responsibly at AG Barr is underpinned by four key commitments: