Our business model

First and foremost we build great brands. 

We also believe that how we operate sets us apart from the competition. 

With more than 145 years of history and heritage, coupled with a track record of successful acquisitions, we believe we have a unique blend of experience and entrepreneurialism - all of which is built on our longstanding desire to act responsibly.

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We make

We pride ourselves on our safe and effective manufacturing capabilities.  We produce high quality products across our well-invested and efficient Barr Soft Drinks production sites in Cumbernauld, Forfar and Milton Keynes.  With glass, carton, plastic and can capability, we produce over 99% of Barr Soft Drinks’ products in-house. We also now produce Funkin’s unique nitro-infused ready to drink cocktails in cans at Milton Keynes.  We source all our raw materials, with a particular competency in exotic fruit, develop our own recipes and design all our packaging - all underpinned with the aim of reducing our environmental impact and delivering continuous improvement.

We move

Operating across multiple routes to market, we have a well established and efficient distribution network servicing our diverse sales channels.  Our Barr Direct channel in particular sets us apart, by offering a tailored and personal direct to store service to thousands of independent retailers across the UK.

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Still of an IRN-BRU advert where the granny is holding up a funny Christmas jumper Still of an IRN-BRU advert where the granny is holding up a funny Christmas jumper

We market

From IRN-BRU’s signature style of maverick adverts to Boost’s connection with sporting activity, when it comes to marketing, innovating and building our brands we like to have some fun and to appeal to the widest possible range of consumers.  Whether through mainstream advertising, digital and social media, sponsorship or supporting local community events, we use our creativity and consumer insight to deliver distinctive and memorable brand building.

We sell

Building long-lasting relationships with our customers across all our key markets is fundamental to our business.  Whether it’s a large food retailer, a wholesaler, a regional restaurant group or a local independent retailer, we work collaboratively with all our customers to understand their businesses and find winning consumer propositions in a practical and profitable way.

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We behave responsibly

Underpinning everything we do is our belief that how we act reflects who we are.  We take our responsibilities seriously and continuously strive to be a sustainable and responsible business that listens to our consumers, takes care of our people, values diversity, works to minimise our environmental impact and gives something back to the communities we serve.  We have an important role to play in the transition to a low carbon and climate-resilient economy and this is becoming an increasingly important and integral part of our overall A.G. Barr business model.

Our responsible behaviour also encompasses our management of risk, ensuring that we are thinking ahead and taking mitigating actions to minimise any potential impact on our business.  We have a robust risk management framework in place that is embedded across the business, allowing a wide range of employees at different levels to contribute to our risk assessment and assurance processes.

We create value

Our business model has proven successful for more than 140 years and continues to create and deliver value, with values, to a wide range of stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, as well as our communities and the UK economy.

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