Our business

We are a UK-based branded multi beverage
business focused on growth and the creation of
long-term shareholder value.

Ambitious and value driven, with strong consumer
focus, we are brand owners and builders, offering
a diverse and differentiated portfolio of brands
that people love.

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Barr Soft Drinks

At our core is the Barr Soft Drinks division, home to some of the UK’s most loved soft drinks brands. 

Whether it’s the iconic IRN-BRU, launched in 1901 and still going strong today, the vibrant RUBICON fruit based brand or the unique range of BARR flavours, Barr Soft Drinks’ brands offer people a choice of great tasting products and bring exciting innovation to the market, available across multiple channels.

Boost Drinks

Our BOOST business is always looking for new trends and to appeal to the evolving tastes of drinkers.  Proud to offer an exciting range of flavours across several functional drinks categories - Energy Stimulation, Sport and Iced Coffee - BOOST enjoys a very strong position within the UK independent retail channel and has an exclusive sales and distribution partnership with the fruit drinks brand RIO.

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Funkin Cocktails

Our FUNKIN business operates within the exciting and growing cocktail market.  Real fruit means authentic taste and FUNKIN believes that to shake the best cocktail you have to use the best ingredients.  That’s why they use the best fruit to create their premium products, famous amongst top bartenders.  Now the UK’s number 1 cocktail brand FUNKIN provides innovative and unique purées, syrups, mixers and ready to drink cocktails, for behind the bar and at home.  Making ordinary moments extraordinary.


MOMA uses a blend of the highest quality wholegrain jumbo oats that give its oat drinks a full-bodied flavour and its porridge a distinctively creamy texture.  MOMA believes in crafting simple, natural ingredients into food and drink that tastes awesome, because a little extra skill and care turns ‘good for you’ into ‘great’

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