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The AG Barr brand and values

For over 140 years we’ve been creating and building great tasting brands that people love and our business has grown as a result. We are proud of our brands and business. We are also proud of the positive contribution we believe we make to society. It is our belief that how we act reflects who and what we are.

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Environmental sustainability at AG Barr

The environment and natural resources are precious and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We continue to strive for opportunities to improve our sustainability, whether through our energy use, our water and waste control or our general environmental impact.

Performance at a glance


£268.6m 18.3%

£41.5m 26.5%

£42.2m 62.3%

15.6% 0.83 pp

25.09 p 46.1%

£43.4m (14.4)%

£68.4m 36.8%

12.00 p -

All numbers relate to A.G. Barr's final results for the 53 weeks ended 30 January 2022. *Items marked with an asterisk are non-GAAP measures. **Excludes one-off special dividend of 10p per share paid in October 2021.

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