Shareholder centre

1. Find out the value of your shares

View the Equiniti obtain a share valuation help page.

2. Beware of share fraud

Fraudsters use persuasive and high-pressure tactics to lure investors into scams. They may offer to

sell shares that turn out to be worthless or non-existent, or to buy shares at an inflated price in
return for an upfront payment. While high profits are promised, if you buy or sell shares in this way
you will probably lose your money.

Read more on how to avoid share fraud (PDF 148KB).

3. Share dealing services

The Equiniti Shareview share-dealing service is a quick and easy, one-off, share dealing service for
anyone holding shares in their own name via a share certificate. The price you pay will depend on
the service you choose to use and the number and value of shares you are trading. Full details can
be found online at

4. Transferring shares to someone else

View the Equiniti transferring certificated shares help page.

5. Pay dividends direct into your bank account

View the Equiniti arrange direct dividend payments help page.

6. Receive shareholder documents online

Register for an Equiniti Shareview portfolio - it's free, easy and a secure way to manage your
shareholdings online. It also allows you to:

  1. Add a wide range of shareholdings and investments you have, including those with other registrars, to monitor their value all in one place
  2. Send your proxy voting instructions in advance of company meetings
  3. Update many of your details online, including your address details or dividend payment instructions
  4. Research market news and data to help your investment decisions
  5. Buy and sell shares easily through Shareview Dealing
  6. Sign up to receive the Shareview newsletter full of useful articles and market reports
  7. Receive email notifications for all updates you make to your holdings through the Portfolio service
  8. View a summary page giving a complete view of your holdings and employee schemes

7. Changing your name

View the Equiniti register a name change help page.

8. Moving house - changing your address

View the Equiniti register an address change help page.

9. Lost or stolen share certificate?

View the Equiniti report a lost share certificate help page.