What makes us Barr?

It's something you can't define - a bit like the taste of IRN-BRU itself.  All we know is that we have successfully been in the business of quenching the nation’s thirst since 1875.

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We Are Barr

Our four ‘Barr Behaviours’ are a simple framework that describe how we work brilliantly together to make a great business greater.

We embed these behaviours in everything that we do, whether that's in our approach to recruitment or in our performance measures. The behaviours define the most important aspects of our shared culture.

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Being brilliant

We are a business full of ambition. 

For our people, being brilliant means finding better ways to do things, responding flexibly to change, offering suggestions and ideas - and sharing best practice.

For our leaders it's about championing innovation, encouraging others to challenge, encouraging different perspectives and being able to spot future trends and opportunities.

Every task is an opportunity to do something brilliant.

Always learning

We're a curious bunch - in a good way!

For us, always learning isn't about training. It's about showing a real interest in feedback, whether it's giving it or acting on it, and it's about volunteering for opportunities that stretch us. Our people have a curiosity to learn and improve their skills.

For our leaders, it's about encouraging people to think for themselves and giving them the skills and confidence to grow. 

With always learning, we keep our minds open and our brains in gear.

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Results driven

We're never afraid to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

Being results driven is about our people taking responsibility, owning their own objectives and priorities, speaking up with confidence on issues, making effective plans - and leaving time for priorities. 

Our leaders drive performance by agreeing clear, realistic yet stretching objectives with their teams. They help their teams stay focused on key priorities - using frequent check-ins and good feedback to keep everyone on track.

We always get the job done.

Relationships matter

The relationships we build are the foundation for everything else.

We care for each other, we listen, we support colleagues and check-in on how they're doing. Showing consideration and respect is part of the day job.

Our leaders build inclusion by encouraging teams to work collaboratively - and by making making sure we focus on our diversity and inclusion agenda.

We care about - and trust - each other. 


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