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New Rubicon Street Drinks

Get ready for the hottest soft drinks launch this summer!

New Rubicon Street Drinks provide a whole new world of refreshment.

Barr Soft Drinks is enabling consumers to enjoy a whole new world of refreshment with the launch of Rubicon Street Drinks. The category-boosting new range, from the UK’s No.1 exotic juice brand*1, features four unique flavours inspired by authentic street drinks from some of the world’s hottest places.

Launching in vibrant, eye-catching 330ml cans, Rubicon Street Drinks each contain still fruit juice with natural flavours and herbs.

Sharbat features the traditional Turkish flavour combination of Pomegranate and Rose and Mexico is the source of inspiration for Aqua Fresca, comprising watermelon, lime and mint flavouring. Indian Inspired Nimbu Pani includes lemon, cumin and mint flavours and African influences are found in Bissap, featuring hibiscus and ginger flavouring.

People are becoming much more adventurous and are keen to explore new and fun flavours, both in food and drink. They are very motivated by authenticity and provenance and want to know the story of where the product comes from.
Adrian Troy, Marketing Director

In research, the range performed well with over 70% of shoppers expressing an intent to buy the range, and 95% of shoppers saying that they thought the range was modern, different, adventurous and eye catching.*2

The launch will be supported with £2 million brand investment, including a heavyweight, summer-long programme of marketing support.

*1: IRI Marketplace, Value Sales, Single Flavour Exotic Juice Drinks, MAT to 28.02.18, Total Coverage
*2: JVA Quant Research, March 2018, Nationally Representative Sample

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