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IRN-BRU Epic Deliveries

Scotland's favourite soft drink has taken to land, sea and air to ensure the BRU gets thru to a nation in need of a lift, whenever and wherever they need it!

From the bonny banks of Loch Lomond to the peaks of the Cairngorms and across the North Sea to Shetland, IRN-BRU undertook a series of epic deliveries making sure they reached far-flung fans in true bold, BRU style.

Now, BRU is offering fans in some of the UK’s most remote places a chance to get their hands on some collector’s edition cans of Scotland’s other national drink. The brand’s epic new video shows IRN-BRU will cross land, sea or air to ensure fans who are in need of a boost of BRU strength are never without their favourite fizz.

Lifelong fan David Laing (35) from Motherwell - who recently updated his BRU tattoo collection with a design of the new logo - was caught short on a recent camping trip. IRNBRU’s delivery drone whirred into action, collecting a fresh supply straight from the factory floor and delivered it right to David’s tent.

Next up was Jess the sheep dog who took time out of his nine-to-five job to supply a cold can of IRN-BRU to her owner Tom and Sarah Parker of Collielaw Farm, Lanark, after a long
shift in the fields braving the Scottish elements.

Finally, fisherman Neil Maclean took to the high seas to deliver the ultimate catch of the day to residents of the Isle of May who found themselves floundering for a taste of Scotland’s other national drink.

We have had to get a bit creative with our delivery methods this summer, ensuring that IRN-BRU gets through, wherever or whenever you need it! Being caught short of BRU is something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy so it's important for us to go above and beyond to ensure we deliver the good stuff to those who need it most.
Adrian Troy, Marketing Director

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