Here you can find the terms and conditions for the prize draws, competitions, and other prize promotions we run. We'll refer to these prize draws, competitions, and prize promotions below as promotions for short.

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Promotions - General Terms

Here are the general terms and conditions which apply to all the promotions we run. Each promotion will also have its own specific terms and conditions. You'll find the specific terms and conditions for some of our live promotions below under Live Promotions - Specific Terms & Conditions. You need to review both the general and specific terms and conditions for your promotion.

Promotions - General Terms & Conditions


Live Promotions - Specific Terms & Conditions 

Here are the specific terms and conditions for some of our live promotions.




Text to win with Sainsbury's

Rubicon RAW Boardmasters

Rubicon RAW April Giveaway

Rubicon RAW Energy Filshill Retailer Promotion April/May 2022

Rubicon RAW/KeyStore Facebook Shopper Prize Draw April/May 2022

Rubicon/McColls Text-to-Win Promotion


Barr Direct

£100 Facebook draw

Phenomenal trade draw

Gold Store Promotion


Bargain Booze