Family history

Family tree

Our history is what makes us unique. The Barr Family have been the life blood of the company since it was created in 1875.

Barr Family Tree

Robert Barr

Robert Barr took the bold step of starting the business in 1875 with the first drinks produced at Burnfoot Lane in Falkirk.

Robert Barr 1875

Robert Fulton Barr

In 1887 his son Robert Fulton Barr started a second Barr soft drinks business in Glasgow, which was taken over by his brother Andrew Greig Barr in 1892. It is from Andrew Greig that the A.G. BARR company takes its name.

Robert Fulton Barr

Andrew Greig Barr

Under Andrew’s guidance construction started on a major factory complex at Parkhead in Glasgow. He oversaw the launch of Barr’s ‘IRON BREW’ in 1901 and instigated the formation of a Limited Company, A.G. BARR & Co. Ltd. Sadly he was not to live long enough to see all of his plans come to fruition. In 1903 Andrew died suddenly aged only 31. A.G. BARR became a limited company a year later.

AG Barr

W.M. Snodgrass Barr

After Andrew's untimely death his younger brother William Snodgrass Barr, took over and grew the business until 1931 when he handed over the Chairmanship to his nephew Colonel Robert Barr.


Colonel Barr

Under Colonel Barr’s control the Company continued to progress. During the later part of the war years, when a shortage of raw materials forced the government to close many manufacturers, A.G. BARR continued to operate as a unit of the Government’s ‘concentrated’ soft drinks industry.

Colonel Barr

Robert Barr

In 1947 Robert Barr, on his return from war service, became Chairman. In 1947, under his stewardship, Barr’s IRON BREW was renamed ‘IRN-BRU’ as we know it today; the company was floated on the Stock Exchange in 1965 and Tizer Limited was purchased in 1972.

Robert Barr 1947

Robin Barr

His son, Robin Barr, joined the company in 1960 and became Chairman in 1978. Under Robin the company has developed sales and market share in England whilst consolidating IRN-BRU’s position as the soft drinks choice of the Scottish nation. 

Robert Barr 1960-2009