Our environment

Reducing our key environmental impacts...

Our environment and natural resources are precious and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, continuing to strive for opportunities to improve our sustainability, whether through our energy use, our water and waste control or our general environmental impact.

We have held certification to the Environmental Standard ISO 14001 since 2003. This certification provides a framework against which we have developed comprehensive environmental procedures and monitoring systems. 

These processes have allowed us to measure our environmental performance and focus our activities on delivering improvements across key areas such as:

  • Energy use and carbon emissions
  • Water consumption and disposal
  • Transport and logistics
  • Waste

Some of our environmental highlights include:

  • diverting as much of our waste from landfill, and our aim is that 99% of our waste will be sorted and sent for recycling or energy recovery.
  • 12.5% reduction in the amount of material in our PET bottles since 2010, the equivalent of removing 25 million 500ml plastic bottles from the waste stream.
  • £5m investment in 2016 in new high speed glass filling capability at our Cumbernauld factory which will save over 1.5 million litres of water each year.
  • Support of the Every Can Counts scheme, a unique `out-of-home’ recycling programme for aluminium cans, which has established more than 5,000 new recycling points across Scotland making it easier to recycle ‘on the go’.
  • Installation of a 70m tall wind turbine at our Cumbernauld site, providing 8% of the site’s total electricity use each year - that’s  the equivalent of powering up to 280 homes*.
    * based on 2014 average household usage figure of 4000 kW per hour

Every year we update on our recent corporate responsibility activity within our Annual Report.  To learn more about "our environment" progress please access our Annual and interim reports page.