Our commitment

Doing the right thing...

We are proud of our business, proud of the contribution we make to society and proud that our values are as important to us today as they have ever been. We aim to be a sustainable, responsible business that listens to its consumers, takes care of its employees, gives something back to its communities and works to minimise its environmental impact.

With our success and growth as a business comes a responsibility to take our social and environmental commitments seriously.

We believe that our straightforward, responsible and open approach to business builds trust with our consumers, attracts the right people to work for us and allows us to maintain excellent relationships with our local communities.

Our corporate responsibility programme is underpinned by four key priorities:

Being a responsible business is important to us, and that includes being responsible in how we act as a business, what we expect of our partners and what we expect of our suppliers. 

We have a number of policies and statements on issues around good business practices. You can:

  • find out about our approach to paying suppliers here.
  • also read our position statement on Modern Slavery here.
  • or our zero-tolerance approach to facilitation of tax evasion here.

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