Our Strategy


We strive to create long-term shareholder value, growing both organically and through partnerships and acquisition.

Our growth strategy is underpinned by our key strategic pillars :


Connecting with consumers


Building brands


Understanding customers

Consumer insight drives our business. Our consumers are growing in number, location and diversity and we ensure that we take the time to listen, to understand their needs and to offer them a choice of great tasting, high quality products.






We are brand owners and builders, offering a diverse and differentiated portfolio of products that people love. With our own powerful brands, complementary franchise partner brands and a strong track record of bringing successful innovation to the market, we seek to build brand awareness, grow our brand equity and outperform the market.






Building and maintaining long-lasting and successful customer relationships, across multiple routes to market, is central to our business. We work closely with our customers to develop joint plans which allow us to share in success. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn these shared plans into effective actions, supporting our customers with excellent in-store activation of our brand led activities and delivering the highest possible levels of service.






Developing partnerships   Driving efficiency   Acting responsibly



With strong ambitions, both within the UK and internationally, we recognise the advantages that working in partnership can deliver. By working closely with others, whether that be brand franchise partners, international distributors or 3rd party logistics providers, we develop complementary relationships that deliver shared benefits and support our growing business.


We continually strive for efficiency across our business, ensuring strong financial controls are in place while also investing for growth. As our business develops, we are committed to driving continuous improvement across our processes and technology. As an asset backed business we drive operational improvements, flexibility and efficiency through our expansionary capital investment programme, equipping us with some of the industry’s most advanced operational capability.


We believe that how we act reflects who we are. We take our responsibilities seriously and aim to be a sustainable and responsible business that listens to our consumers, takes care of our people, works to minimise our environmental impact and gives something back to the communities we serve.