Limited Edition Crimbo Juice

Crimbo Juice Press Image Plain


IRN-BRU spices up seasonal soft drinks with Christmas in a bottle.

Barr Soft Drinks is delivering a seasonal boost to Scotland’s soft drinks with the launch of IRN-BRU Crimbo Juice, a limited edition flavour of the No.1 Scottish Grocery brand.

Available in 500ml and 2L packs in Scotland only, IRN-BRU Crimbo Juice will feature a phenomenal ‘Spiced Ginger’ festive flavour – regular IRN-BRU with warming ginger, clove and cinnamon notes.

IRN-BRU NPD continues to strike a chord with Scottish consumers with 90% of drinkers saying they want IRN-BRU to launch a limited edition flavour*.


Source: *AG Barr Consumer Research