About A.G. BARR

About us...

A.G. BARR has been in the business of quenching the nation’s thirst since 1875, creating and selling some of the UK’s best-loved soft drinks in the process.

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It was our former Chairman Robin Barr's great grandfather Robert Barr who first established a soft drinks business at our first factory at Burnfoot Lane in Falkirk.

A second Barr soft drinks business was established in Glasgow in 1887 by Robert Barr's son, Robert Fulton Barr.

His business was taken over by his brother Andrew Greig Barr (from whom the company gets its name) five years later in 1892, when Robert decided to move to Ireland.

In 1901 both Barr soft drinks businesses, Robert Barr Falkirk and A.G.Barr and Co. Glasgow, jointly launched their original recipe IRON BREW.

The phonetic spelling IRN-BRU was introduced in 1947 following concern over proposed changes to food labelling regulations.

IRN-BRU has since gone on to become the much loved and popular brand that it is today.

As well as IRN-BRU our range of popular soft drinks brands includes Tizer, D'N'B, KA, Barr flavour range, Barr's Originals, Strathmore spring water, St Clements juice drinks, Simply juice drinks, Sun exotic and Rubicon exotic juice drinks.

In addition to our own brands, we have exciting partnerships with third party brand owners. We have an exclusive licence from the US company Rockstar Inc. to promote and distribute Rockstar Energy in the UK, Ireland and extending into Scandinavia.  

We have an exclusive licence from Snapple Beverages Corp (a subsidiary of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group) to promote and distribute Snapple in the UK and certain other EU territories. 

Furthermore, Funkin Limited, takes the Group into the sector of cocktail mixers.

In 2018 we also introduced new partnership deals with Italian soft drinks producer San Benedetto, and Australian soft drinks company Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.