Responsibility Deal

Delivering on our promises...

The Government's Public Health Responsibility Deal is an initiative whereby organisations take voluntary actions in the following areas to help people lead healthier lives:

  • Food
  • Health at work
  • Physical activity and
  • Alcohol

Our pledges

As a Responsibility Deal partner since 2011 we made specific pledges around:

  • Calorie reduction - to reduce the average calorific content per 100ml of our portfolio of soft drinks* by 5% by 2016 using 2011 values as the base year
  • Front of pack nutrition labelling - to adopt and implement the UK Government's 2013 recommended Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling Scheme on all A.G.Barr owned brands from December 2014
  • Healthier staff restaurants - to continue to improve the food choices on offer in our workplaces and encourage our employees to make healthier eating choices 
  • Physical activity in the workpalce - to formulate, communicate and action a multi-component programme to encourage and support our employees to be more physically active in the workplace

We have made significant progress against our pledges, having implemented the voluntary nutrition labelling scheme and delivered a number of initiatives across the business in support of our healthier eating and physical activity pledges.

Our calorie reduction commitment was to reduce the average calorific content per 100ml of our drinks portfolio* by 5% by 2016. We are delighted to report that we have exceeded this target, having already achieved, in 2014, a reduction of 7.8% when compared to 2011.

Specific actions to support this reduction have included:

  • In 2014 IRN-BRU Sugar Free was fully integrated into all IRN-BRU advertising and communication programmes. It played a leading role in the marketing activities which supported our 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games (G2014) sponsorship. As a result of this increased focus, sales of IRN-BRU Sugar Free have continued to grow ahead of IRN-BRU Regular, with year on year growth of +3.6%. IRN-BRU Sugar Free as a % of total IRN-BRU sales increased by 3.5% to 32.7%.
  • Over the last 2 years we have further reduced the sugar content across our Barr flavour range, meeting the amber specification of the new front of pack labelling scheme. Sugar reductions have been achieved across 5 Barr flavour variants: Barr Cream Soda -44%, Barr Ginger Beer -41%, Barr Pineapple -42%, Barr Shandy -31% and Barr Red Kola -48% together with Tizer -43%. All new Barr variant launches e.g. Barr Bubblegum are now formulated at this mid calorie level.
  • A focus on Barr Diet Cola distribution, along with the 2014 launch of zero sugar Barr Xtra Cola have moved the % contribution of no sugar Barr Cola sales from 14% in 2014 to 28% in 2015. Sales of the Barr mid calorie range also benefited from the brand's first ever TV advertising support in 2014.
  • Sales of Strathmore water have made a significant contribution to our calorie reduction pledge progress. This has been driven by new flavour development on our no sugar Strathmore Twist brand combined with the success of our G2014 campaign on plain water. Strathmore litreage increased by +23.7% in 2014 vs 2013, plain water by +15% and Twist by +181.3%.

Every year we report on our most recent corporate responsibility activity within our Annual Report.  To learn more about our progress against our Responsibility Deal pledges please read the latest annual report, found on our Annual and interim reports page. 

Further information, and our company progress reports, can be found on the Department of Health Responsibility Deal website.

*excludes franchised brands