Our consumers

Helping our consumers choose products which are right for them...

Our soft drinks provide hydration, refreshment and enjoyment for millions of consumers every day and should be enjoyed as part of a varied balanced diect and a healthy, active lifestyle.

We have developed a wide choice of soft drinks from 'regular' and 'low/no' sugar drinks, energy drinks, juice drinks, plain and sugar free flavoured water, to sugar-free squashes and fruit juices to meet our consumers' different drinking requirements and occasions.  .

We sell our soft drinks in a wide range of pack sizes - from family sharing 2 litre bottles to 200ml packs to assist consumers with convenient packages for all occasions.

As a responsible business, we recognise that we have a role to play in helping our consumers choose products which are right for them and above all offer them choice.

To achieve this we:

  • Market responsibly

  • Are committed to reducing sugar and offering sugar-free alternatives

  • Put product quality high on our agenda

  • Ensure our products are clearly labelled, helping consumers in their choices

In support of the UK Government's Publich Health Responsibility Deal we are taking a number of practical actions to help secure progress against a number of public health objectives.  

Every year we report on our most recent corporate responsibility activity within our Annual Report.  To learn more about "our consumers" progress please access our Annual and interim reports page.