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Corporate responsibility at Barr is neither a new thing nor a separate programmeof activity – it is part of what we believe makes good business sense.

Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of our overall business and remainsone of the 7 core areas of our strategic focus, sponsored by Andrew Memmott ourOperations Director.

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy comprises a programme encouraging all ouremployees to ‘do the right thing’ and has been aligned within 4 keyareas:

  • Environment
  • Our Consumers
  • Our People
  • Community

The recycling and reuse of packaging at Barr's goes back to 1875 and remains tothis day a key part of our sustainability plans which include strategies on waste,packaging, water usage and energy efficiency across our total operations. We alsoaim to make a positive contribution within local communities by using our skills,experience and financial resources to support many local good causes, fundraisingactivities and charity organisations.

We have put the following structures in place to cascade our Corporate Responsibility(CR) principles across all business areas and to embed them in decision-making.These include the formation of the CR Steering Committee sponsored by Andrew Memmott,Operations Director, and an Environmental Committee to prioritise activities inthis key area.

In 2011 we announced our ‘Do the Right Thing’ employee engagement programme,which has been successfully introduced. Four internal Corporate Responsibility Championsrolled out the programme to each of our sites raising awareness and encouragingemployee participation.

Board Sponsor

Operations Director

CR Steering Group

Marketing, Customer Management, Quality, HR and Supply Chain

CR Champions

Environment, Our Consumers, Our People, Community

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